David Peever slams Australian players’ union for ‘reckless’ tactics

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Cricket Australia president David Peever hit the Australian Cricket Players Association (ACA), which indicates that Cricket Australia was insulted and unrestrained while the players still disagree with the cricket board. In his column in The Australian, ACE wrote Peever “fierce sustainable campaign,” saying that CA’s offer on the table was “very generous.”

“CA has what would normally be considered a very generous offer.” The ACA responded not only by rejecting this proposal (and recent concessions), but by launching a sustained campaign of ferocity that everyone forgiven might think, CA proposed The reintroduction of slavery rather than healthy wages, “he has written.

Peever explains how and why the “reckless strategy” ACA does not harm the game. “Not content with this level of over-reaction, the ACA has gone much further. By refusing to allow players to turn, threatening to chase the commercial sponsors and adversely affect the prospects of transmission partners, IP blocking Of the player (intellectual property) in their own companies and even organize their own games.It is a reckless strategy that can only harm the game and therefore the interests of members of the ACA. ”

Peever also said that CA rumors being motivated by the extreme industrial relations program was a myth fully and deliberately invented.

“Of all the complaints that revolve around … perhaps the most shabby is the suggestion that CA was motivated by the extreme industrial relations program allegedly imported from the mining industry,” he said. “It is a complete and deeply offensive myth for many people across the spectrum of cricket has been deliberately fabricated respecting the role of ACA – and unions in general – to negotiate on behalf of its members.

“The suggestion that the central idea of ​​the authority to change the player’s payment model has nothing to do with the actual problems the game faces is an insult to all those involved in sales, including other board members “He added.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported that agency chief executive officer James Sutherland and his ACA counterpart Alistair Nicholson spent a lot of time this week to try to block the stagnation between the cricket plate and players due to conflict Salary that has left without a contract since June 30 and a cloud of uncertainty about the series of ashes that will take place at the end of 2017.

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