Himachal Pradesh Combined Management Aptitude Test 2015 Question Paper (Fully Solved) Conducted by Institute Of Management Studies, Shimla Continued from CSR-MBA, January 2016 LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION

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MBA, January 2016


Some parts of the following sentence have been underlined and numbered. Spot the part that contains the error. If there is no error in the sentence select ‘no error’.

Frightened the little girl screamed loud as her neighbour’s friendly nine pounded Labrador dog bounded up the sidewalk.

  1. neighbour’s friendly
  2. screamed loud
  3. frightened
  4. No error
  5. Match the following in terms of the appropriate name for a collection of group.

Column 1                    Column 2

  • Curlews a) Business
  • Eagles b) Charm
  • Ferrets c) Herd
  • Herons d) Convocation
  • Goldfinches e) Siege
  1. 1-b, 2-e, 3-d, 4-e, 5-a
  2. 1-e, 2-d, 3-a, 4-c, 5-e
  3. 1-c, 2-d, 3-e, 4-b, 5-a
  4. 1-e, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a, 5-b
  5. Only those students who maintain 7.5 grade point averages are allowed to participate in college sports. Sujata is the captain of the college hockey team. So she must have at least 7.5 GPA. Which of the following statements best summarises the main point of the above arrangement ?
  6. Sujata is a good hockey player
  7. The student should only require a minimum GPA of 7.5 to participate in sports
  8. Sujata has earned at least minimum GPA required to participate in the college sports team
  9. Students who don’t maintain a 7.5 GPA can’t participate in sports.
  10. The jumbled sentence is given below is followed by four options. Choose the option which is a meaningful sentence.

Indian/the/USA/the/grinding/ the/ still/are/markets/that/fact/strongest/ way/factor/markets/is/ their/up/ supporting/ the

  1. the strbngest factor supporting the Indian markets is the fact that the US markets are still grinding their way up
  2. US markets are the strongest factor supporting the Indian markets to the fact they are still grinding their way up.
  3. The strongest factor is that the US markets are the fact still grinding their way up supporting the Indian markets.
  4. The fact that the US markets are still grinding their way up is the factor strongest supporting the Indian markets
  5. Arrange the following sentences in a logical order and choose the corresponding correct option.
  • the 1945 event changed the entire political scenario of Narayanganj.
  • Although the event was significant, nobody penned down anything regarding the strife.
  • Some journalist should have taken the initiative of making the news appear in the front page of the newspaper.
  • this event thoroughly altered the social situation in Narayanganj.
  • That way, Narayanganj would have got more exposure and that would have helped that village develop more.
  1. 14235 b) 13245
  2. c) 1 2 4 3 5 d) 12345
  3. Which option correctly completes the analogy given

Hector : ________ : : Foil : thwart

  1. ruin b) shun
  2. c) clinch d)   bait
  3. For the word given below, a contextual word is given. Pick the word from the alternatives that is most appropriate in the given context ?

PRESUMPTUOUS: While-having lunch with the seniors of the family, the shy little boy did not talk for fear of being considered presumptuous,

  1. Modest b)  virtuoso
  2. c) dauntless d) saporous
  3. The following question has set of four statements. Each statement

(i) facts, which deals with pieces of information that one has heard seen or read and which are open to, discovery of verification (the answer option indicates a such a statement an ‘F’)

  • inferences, which are conclusions drawn about the unknown, on the basis of known (the answer option indicates such a statement with an


  • judgements, which are opinions that imply approval or disapproval of persons, objects, situation and occurrences in the past, the present or the future (the answer option indicates such a statement with ‘J’)

Identify the statements below into fact, inference or judgement.

Statement 1:

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop Statement 2:

I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you fans.

Statement 3:

No man can be a good citizen who is not a good husband and a good father.

Statement 4:

So many rules, so much bureaucracy, so many red tapes, no wonder India is so corrupt.

  1. 1-J, 2-F, 3-J, 4-1
  2. 1-J, 2-J, 3-F, 4-1
  3. 1-1, 2-F, 3-J, 4-J
  4. 1-F, 2-J, 3-1, 4-1
  5. A sentence is broken up into four parts. Choose the part that has an error.

After waiting, for nearly an hour, our teacher snapped, “just do it right now. won’t you”?

  1. “just do it right now, wont you”
  2. for nearly an hour
  3. After waiting
  4. our teacher snapped
  5. In the following question there are four sentences, each of which consists of pair of words italicised. From the italicised words, select the most appropriate word (A or B) to form correct sentences. The sentences are followed by options that indicate the word. Select the most appropriate option.

It could also primp (A)/prim (B) up its debt at the last moment.

The victim was brought to the room in a wheelchair under heavy sedation

  • / sedition (B).

You should take a look at this hysterical, facetious (A)/ factitious (B)

guide on how fo direct movies.

For those spry (A)/ wry (B) enough to crawl underneath, it also a cave like shelter.

  1. ABAA b) ABAB
  2. c) ABBA d) BAAB

Directions (Qs. 61 to 75): For these questions, you have two brief passages with questions following each passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Passage I

My friend and writer, Michael Goodwin wrote economic over cups of black tea its surprising that he should love the brew so heartily for Americans are notable consumers of coffee, drinking three times more coffee than tea. Despite their proclivity for the bean, the Americans have made a significance contribution to tea and its culture.

Parallel to the popularity of the drink in 18th century England, the Americans colonies began aspiring their parent country in affectation and tea drinking. When the British chased the Dutch and the New Amsterdam became New York, the English were surprised at the colonists’ love for tea. With the imposition of the tea tax the beverage was smuggled and its consumption declared unpatriotic.

The Boston tea party is a related incident in the turn of events. John Adhams (the second president of America) on his to signing the declaration of independence (1776) asked the tavern if he could get a dish of tea. “No sir, we have renounced tea. But if you desire it, I will make you some coffee”, was the reply. In 1904, at America’s first world tea fair, iced tea made its debut. Richard Blechynden served brewed tea on ice to counter the summer heat. Thomas Sullivan of New York is credited for inventing the tea bag. The current change that America is forging in tea culture is in the consumption of pop teas : ornamental, artisian and speciality.

As American as it is, the long island iced is no tea but a strong tipple. For a star-sprangled punch, quaff a John Daly or an Arnold Palmer, delectable tea melangers inspired by the professional Americans golfers.

  1. What generalisation has been made by the author regarding Americans ?
  2. ice tea is more preferred by Americans than a regular hot tea
  3. Americans preferred different types of tea
  4. Americans have an inclination for coffee more than tea
  5. Americans pre-fer drinks like cocktail to tea.
  6. What is ‘long island iced tea’?
  7. iced tea originated in an island area
  8. a non alcoholic drink or a mocktail
  9. flavoured iced tea
  10. an alcoholic drink or a cocktail
  11. What was the reason behind Boston tea party ?>
  12. People in the colonies renounced tea in favour of coffee during the American independence struggle
  13. People in the colonies started drinking more tea imitating their rulers
  14. Unjust taxes were levied on tea and its consumption was banned
  15. British acquires the Dutch and the New Amsterdam colonies

Passage II

Technical origami, also known as origami seekei a field of origami that has developed almost hand-in-hand with the field of mathematical origami. In the early days of origami, development of new designs was largely a mix of trial and error, luck and serendipity. With advances in origami mathematics however, the basic structure of a new origami model can be theoretically plotted out on paper before any actual folding even occurs. This method of the origami design was developed by Robert Lang in Meguro, Toshuyuki and others and allows for the creation of the extremely complex multi-limbed models such as many legged-centipedes, human figures with a full compliment of finger and toes, and the like.

The main starting point for such technical design is the crease pattern (often abbreviated as CP) which is essentially for the layout of the creases required to form the final model. Although not intended as substitute for diagrams, folding from crease patterns is starting to gain in popularity, pardy because of the challenge of being able to ‘crack’ the pattern, and also pardy because the crease pattern is often the only resource available to fold a given model, should the designer choose not to produce diagrams. Still, there are many cases in which designers wish to sequence the steps of their models, but lack the means to design clear diagrams such origamists occasionally resort to the sequence creased pattern (SCP) which is a set of crease pattern showing the creases up to respective fold. The SCP eliminates the need for Diagramming programs or artistic ability while maintaining the step-by-step process for other folders to see. Another name for the sequenced crease pattern is the progressive crease pattern (PCP).

Paradoxically enough when origami designers came up with a crease pattern for a new design, the majority of the smaller crease are relatively unimportant and added only towards the completion of the crease pattern. What is more important is the allocations of regions of the paper and how these are mapped to the structure of the object being designed. For a specific class of origami bases ‘known as uniaxial bases’, the patterns of allocations is referred to as the ‘circle packing’. Using optimisation algorithms, a ‘circle-packing’ figure can be computed for any uniaxial base of arbituary complexity. Once this figure is computed, the creases which are then used to obtain the base structure can be added. This is not a unique mathematical process, hence it is possible for two designs to have same ‘circle-packing’ and yet different crease pattern structures.

As a circle encloses the maximum amount of area for a given perimeter, circle packing allows for maximum efficiency in terms of paper usage. However other polygon shapes can be used to solve the packaging problem as well. The use of polygonal shapes other than circles is often motivated by the desires to find easily locatable creases (such as multiples of 22.5 degrees) and hence an folding sequence as well. Easier one popular offshoot of the circle packing method is box-pleating. Where squares are used instead of circles as a result, the crease pattern that arises from this method contains 45 and 90 angles which makes for easier folding.

  1. What, according to the author, is the most basic advantage of origami mathematics ?
  2. It affects the artistic ability and leads to the step-by-step process.
  3. It helps in forming theory before the practical is done.
  4. It helps in forming crease pattern.
  5. It provides maximum efficiency in terms of paper usage.
  6. According to the author________

holds more important than smaller crease patterns.

  1. allocation of paper for the design
  2. progressive crease pattern
  3. regular crease pattern
  4. diagram of the design
  5. What can be inferred from this passage ?
  6. origami is developed on a trial and error basis.
  7. origami is a serious vocation with a scope for growth
  8. origami mathematics has been made technical origami easier to use.
  9. crease patterns are the most important in origami
  10. mark the beginning

of the complex designs.


  1. uniaxial bases
  2. progressive crease patterns
  3. origami mathematics
  4. create patterns
  5. Which of the below given statements strengthens the argument that crease patterns are sometimes absolutely imperative ?
  6. Crease patterns help the understanding of the diagram.
  7. Crease patterns facilitate the actual folding of the paper.
  8. Crease patterns form the layout of the final model.
  9. Crease patterns stand as a substitute for a diagram of a model.
  10. What is the distinct aspect of circle packing ?
  11. It helps in allocation of paper better than just crease pattern.
  12. Two designs can have a same base but different crease patterns.
  13. It provides different folding sequences.
  14. Two designs can have a different base but same crease patterns.

After the first day hugs at the bus stop, parents across the suburbs will be returning to their school-year routine. That routine should include involvement in the child’s education.

For decades, research has shown that children whose parents participate in their schooling attend more regularly, have higher self-esteem, are more motivated and use drugs and alcohol less. This should come as no surprise and typically suburban school districts have seen higher rates of parental involvement than schools do in urban areas. But what may be surprising, studies say, is that family participation is a greater predictor of academic achievement than household income. In other words, it’s not how much money a family has, it’s the time and effort spent on supporting education that counts.

Despite suburban successes, not every school is a hive of interaction between parents and teachers and in some buildings a small pool of volunteers does much of the work. It’s a challenge for parents with the parent demanding work schedules or single parent working two jobs to assist in the classroom or plan activities.

If you cannot help in the classroom during a day, consider attending a PTA meeting chaperonising at a dance, taking tickets’ at the weekend events or contributing to a bake sale.

Kids know when their parents take interest in their schooling and although some wouldn’t admit it they like it. But if involvement isn’t a priority, it’s not going to happen; Make the commitment.

The hugs at graduation time will come before you know it.

  1. The author is very_______ about

the child education issue.

  1. a) socialistic b) analytical
  2. c) optimistic d) judgemental
  3. Which of the following conclusion can be drawn from the above given passage ?
  4. Suburban children can get better grades than children from urban areas.
  5. Students getting better grades using less of drugs and alcohol.
  6. Children are longing to see their parents at the time of their achievement.
  7. Studies consistently show that parents involvement in education is linked to higher studies achievement.
  8. Which of the following does not strengthen the author’s argument. EXCEPT:
  9. boarding schools churn high achievers, offer fewer distractions to the children as they are kept well away from the life of the urban areas.
  10. due to fewer distractions in boarding, children will be able to concentrate more on their studies, other activities and score higher.
  11. boarding schools enable teachers to concentrate on each individual student so that he/she can score higher and can be given appropriate guidance to students who are lagging.
  12. boarding schools which focus on the performance are generally situated outside city or in a remote place and students do not have the opportunity to involve themselves in any harmful activities or habits.

If children are nurtured to be compassionate towards nature, guided step-by-step to understand nature and conservationate till they become informed adults, there will be a day when they will become professionals in their own chosen careers but still remain committed environmentalists in their daily lives. In India where more than 50% of the population is below the age of 25, there is an urgent need to inculcate a strong sense of the importance of conservation. Only this will ensure the better decision makers in the future who will understand the critical importance of protecting India’s forest and wildlife.

When we ask someone about the uniqueness of our country, most of us immediately reply that it is the birth place of some of the greatest civilisations. Agriculture, languages and spice strike our mind within a fraction of a second. But there is no other country in the world that can boast the variety of wildlife and diversity of habitats that we have. India has snow­capped mountains, rainforest, deserts, coral reefs and mangroves along with the diverse variety of forests all in one geographical landscape !

Ending with a refractive thought process: If we still have all this with 1.2 billion people jostling for space can you imagine what it must have been like a thousand years ago when there were far fewer people most of India was clothed in one kind of habitat or another? What a wildlife paradise it must have been!

Although the extent of wildlife habitat and the quantity of wildlife is greatly diminished today, we must count our blessings and work hard to save what’s left.

  1. “ending with a reflective thought

process….. ” Author’s thoughts in this

paragraph are

  1. a) philosophical b) saddened
  2. c) inventive d) imaginative
  3. Which of the following would weaken author’s argument ?
  4. Various conservation subjects will be taught as compulsory subject in middle school all across the world.
  5. In 2050, showcased 367 species in the natural museum for the first time which had become extinct in less than 53 years.
  6. Research had led to number of new varieties of flora and fauna in the country.
  7. In recent times, there has been increase in the number of world class structure across the country.
  8. Which of the following is the main idea of the passage ?
  9. TtS induce sense of pride among the youth of our rich biodiversity and therefore conserve it.
  10. Among all the other countries of the world India has the largest variety of wildlife and diverse habitat, therefore we must save them.
  11. To save the remaining wildlife habitat through nurturing young minds as way of life.
  12. To create awareness of the rich bio­diversity heritage of the India to the younger generation.

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