Overwhelming response for HCA league selections

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Hyderabad: Over the years, officials of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) have turned Nelson’s eye to issues affecting the leagues. One corrupt corrupt practice in the league is the rental of teams academies and individuals who, in turn, cricket players charge for the opportunity to play for the team.

The club secretaries, who had no interest in the day-to-day operations of the club, were more than willing to give the team the handsome fee. The person who took the team always try to make the players more imposing.

Ultimately, it is the player who had to pay his nose to have the opportunity to play in the league. Despite knowing the problem, managers have made no effort to slow down because some of the former officials had a special interest in continuing the practice.

To remove the secretary T Shesh Narayan had “banned” to hire staff and take money to play cricket players in a team. Despite the threat of rigorous action, the practice continued despite the sneaky. To counteract it, CHA leaders propose a new idea.

A new day began at the Gymkhana when about 300 youngsters set up the first indoor team open day selections for 2 days. Hordes of youngsters have taken the assault on the ground hoping to be selected for a two-day team.

“The request for a place in a two-day team is very high and that is why these unscrupulous elements try to take advantage of it.” The former directors have only paid the service and were not of effort to stop this threat.

To ensure that talented youngsters are not deprived of the opportunity to play in the league for two days, we are making open selections, “Shesh Narayan told ToI.

“This is a historic day, as never before, the selections were carried out on a scale such as the league teams. The answer is overwhelming and, therefore, we decided to continue the selections for a week so the players have Enough opportunity, “Shesh, who completed 100 days in the post of Secretary said.

Shesh also asked the parents that there was no plague by the agents and pay money for a place in league teams because HCA offered the opportunity to all the authentic players.
It is well known that about 90 players will be selected for six league teams.

“Initially, we look at six teams, but it all depends on the number of talented players that we can identify.If the number is more than some of the teams that can improve from night to league two days. Is completely eradicated, “Shesh said.

What added authenticity to the whole process was the presence of state selectors. “Such a thing has never been attempted in the HCA.

Our goal is to provide young people with as many opportunities as possible, “said Srinivas Chakravarthy, senior member of the Selection Committee, who neglects all arrangements with Dubbaka Kishen Rao and curator YL Chandrasekhar.

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