Proceeds of Hudco IPO will go to government: M Ravi Kanth, Hudco

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Proceeds of Hudco IPO will go to government: M Ravi Kanth, Hudco


We do not need more participation because our other capital coverage is Rs 2,500 crore and our disbursed capital is Rs 2,002 crore. We have enough capital to advance the organization.

Would you say that your loan book or current home loan book represents a low-cost home?

Low-cost housing is an important part of our housing finance and approximately 32 to 33% of the loan portfolio refers to housing that include economically weaker sectors and LIG because we have a motto “Profitability with social justice . ” Areas where banks would not touch, HUDCO emerges. Approximately 96% of our loans are to EWS and LIG and the remaining 70% refers to urban infrastructure.

Do you intend to change your product range, perhaps more than the housing sector in the near future?

Yes. Goes to housing with flagship government programs such as housing for all, Awas Yojna Pradhanmantri extending LIG, EWS and Affordable housing in partnership. The President of the Government, December 31, 2016, extended the grant component to category 1-MIG and MIG-2, raising income limits to 12 lakh and lakh 18 per year.
Therefore, all these activities should lead a change in the direction towards the carcass and we also believe that India is signatory of several international conventions, sustainable development and the creation of sustainable habitats are some of the top priorities of central governments And state. Many proposals are for housing and there may be a change of up to 40% towards housing if we go to the retail box.

Now what I want to understand from you is that, in general, 90 percent. 100 of your loan is backed by state governments, but your APM exceeds 6%. Why then?

You are not very precise in this regard because the NPA for the state government is only 0.75% and 6% of which you speak would be the last decade NPA in part, a lessor Fund consortium of 5% to 10 % In power sector. At that time, the electric sector was booming and we went in these high-powered finance companies with a share of 5% to 10%. Unfortunately, they have proven to be the NPA and, according to NHB regulator, we maintain provisioning. The supply will be completed for fiscal year 18.

We take all necessary precautions with our recovery and recovery measures and in the specific regulations. At present, net NPA is only 1.51%. So

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