Singapore Lee Feud May Leave Social Media for Now: QuickTake Q&A

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Singapore Lee Feud May Leave Social Media for Now: QuickTake Q&A

Singapore is a small but wealthy state of the Southeast Asian island with a reputation for order and control. So imagine the consternation when his most famous family got involved in a very public dispute – on Facebook.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his two younger brothers and sisters were involved in an accident that focuses on the fate of the house belonging to his late father, the country’s Premier Lee Kuan Yew.

The case, which attracted the attention of the international media, marked a rare public appearance of acrimony of a family that has been in the vanguard of the establishment of Singapore since its independence in 1965 – a large family keep private all discord before the elder Lee died in 2015.

It focuses on 38 Oxley Road, a colonial bungalow near the commercial chain of Orchard Road. Lee Kuan Yew lived there most of his 91 years.

His will included a wish – which the prime minister says appears in the early versions of the will has been withdrawn and then added to the final will – for the property is finally demolished.

The three children said they wanted to honor that request, but the two younger brothers have accused Lee of maneuvering behind the scenes to undermine his father’s instructions.

They cite the existence of a ministerial committee that is considering options for the home. The prime minister denies the allegations and is not a member of the committee.

In addition to the prime minister, there is Lee Hsien Yang, the younger brother occupies a leading position in business, the CEO of Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.

Among his current positions, the 60-year-old president was chairman of the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority, the Board of Directors of Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc and special adviser to private equity firm General Atlantic LLC. And then there’s Dr. Lee Wei Ling, the 62-year-old sister who is senior advisor to the National Institute of Neuroscience in Singapore.

Currently living in the house and instructions of Lee Kuan Yew’s desire to demolish 38 Oxley Road can only be started after its launch. Lee Kuan Yew was prime minister from 1959 to 1990, transforming Singapore into the richest nation in Southeast Asia and having a tightly controlled state that has focused on incorruptibility and stability.

Discord in the family has been simmered for the past two years, but broke in the early hours of June 14, with a six-page record posted by Facebook by young Lees.

They said they had “lost confidence” in their brother and accused him of abusing his position to advance his personal agenda and have political ambitions for a son. Lee Hsien Yang, the younger brother, said he intended to leave Singapore and cited his brother as the reason.

His publication sparked an eye tattoo by Facebook that led to other family members as well as the prime minister, who was then forced to deal with allegations of abuse of power in Parliament in early July.

The prime minister’s brothers continued to send messages to Facebook for weeks, in response to statements made by Lee and his government over the allegations. July 6 – this time, in a 7-page press published by Facebook after the release of his brother in Parliament – Wei Ling Yang Hsien and said “they fail to present further evidence in social networks, provided that, and the Our father’s desire will not be attacked or falsified. “

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