US Congress panel to look into tougher riders on civil, military aid to Pak

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A panel of Congress should consider a proposal that would impose more lasting corridors on US civilian and military aid in Pakistan and that assistance to Islamabad, showing good progress in the fight against terrorism.

Hard language in Pakistan is part of the bill on the allocation of state and foreign credits in 2018 for consideration by the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday.

The bill provides for funding $ 47.4 billion under emergency funds and overseas regular operations (OCO).

This is 10 billion below the level expected for the 2017 financial year when we count the additional funds provided in the Security Aid Funds Act in 2017.

Of this amount, OCO funding is $ 12 billion, which is compatible with operations and assistance in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“As a result of increasingly international threats and challenges – such as North Korea’s recent missile test – it is more important than ever for the United States to invest in major diplomatic and global efforts to ensure stability in the world And the security of our nation and our allies, “said Rodney Frelinghuysen, chair of the House Allocations Committee.

“This bill aims to fund the funding you most need to ensure that dollars are used to expand democracy and peace and provide essential humanitarian aid in war-torn areas and poor areas of the world,” he said.

Bill circulated among the members of the House Appropriations Committee indicates that there are no funds allotted or made available by this Act under the headings of the economic support funds, international narcotics control and law enforcement and the Military Financing Program Foreign assistance to the Government of Pakistan may be available unless the Secretary of State certifies and informs the committees that Islamabad will take action against terrorist groups.

According to the bill, the Secretary of State is invited to certify that Pakistan is cooperating with the United States as part of the fight against terrorism against the Haqqani network and the Taliban Quetta Shura, Lashkar e-Taiba, Jaish terrorist organizations Domestic and foreign -e-Mohammed, al Qaeda and others, including taking effective measures to end the support of these groups and prevent them from establishing and operating in Pakistan and carry out border attacks in neighboring countries.

The Secretary of State is also required to certify that Pakistan is not supporting terrorist activities against United States forces or coalition forces in Afghanistan and that Pakistan’s military and intelligence agencies do not call into question the political and judicial process In Pakistan.

The certification should include that Pakistan does not want or support the funding of schools supported, affiliated or controlled by the Taliban or a foreign terrorist organization and that Islamabad avoids the proliferation of nuclear materials and knowledge.

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